How to help children in SOS Children's Villages Thailand

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Support a child for just 20 Baht per day (600 Baht per month) on a regular basis

...A lot of children are waiting for a second opportunity to live in a family environment. Your support can give them this valuable gift…

You can help give a second chance to children who have lost their parents so that they can become part of a family once again.  SOS Children’s Villages Thailand helps children by focussing on providing them with care in the most natural way possible through an SOS family. Because we believe that children need long term commitment and care so that they can lead a high quality life and become responsible adults.

 A regular support of just 20 Baht a day (or 600 Baht per month) from you will not only provide a child with food, clothes, health benefits and education, but will also ensure that he or she gets a loving home and a family environment to grow. Donate now:




 Support a child today!

With your support, we can provide a loving home for children who have lost their parents and give them a chance to be a part of a family once again. In SOS Children’s Villages, every child is placed under the loving care of an SOS mother and lives with brothers and sisters in a family home. They receive good education and spend a happy and healthy childhood.

All donations that come to us are exempt from the annual tax.

Several Thai children are waiting for your support. They are waiting for a second chance in their life so that they can have a happy childhood that all children deserve.



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